Laser Acupuncture As TMJ Treatment

What is the difference between laser acupuncture and needle acupuncture? They both achieve the same result: relieving pain and inflammation. However, there are a couple of important differences.

Many patients are needle phobic and cannot tolerate the idea of having pins and needles poking all around them. The answer to that is laser acupuncture. The laser works in the same way as the needle, but without the needle prick. It is completely painless. The laser uses a concentration of light to a focal point to calm down the trigger point, or the same target area as an acupuncture needle would. With the needle, it requires about 30 minutes of penetration to get the results needed, however, with laser acupuncture the time needed to treat that same spot is only about 15-90 seconds! For patients presenting with TMJ pain who are apprehensive about receiving traditional acupuncture, this is a great modality. At our Laguna Hills office, we offer laser acupuncture, as well as traditional acupuncture as part of our treatment for TMJ. For more information, you may reach us at (949) 420-9669. Schedule your consultation today.

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