TMJ Pain/TMD Treatment in Orange County, CA

At the Laguna Hills Center for Sleep Apnea & CPAP Intolerance, we are dedicated to helping Orange County patients find complete relief from TMJ pain without the need for invasive and costly surgery.

Our office uses the latest, proven methods to treat TMJ issues with a holistic approach that not only acknowledges the “mind-body” connection but also addresses the underlying cause of each patient’s TMJ pain. Such methods may include:

  • Therapy, exercises, and meditation to reduce stress, manage stress triggers, and relax facial and jaw muscles
  • Ultrasound therapy, which uses high-frequency sound waves to deliver pain-relieving heat to neck and facial muscles
  • Custom-fitted, non-obtrusive oral devices, or splints, to realign the jaw while they sleep
  • Myofascial trigger point release therapy, which applies external pressure to specific points around the face and neck
  • Botox injections in the chewing muscles, which have proven effective in cases that have been resistant to other forms of treatment.

In many cases, more than one method may be used in order to give our patients the most effective therapy sessions possible. Patients notice immediate improvement after the first visit and each successive visit, and typically report that they are completely pain free within 1 to 3 weeks.

Because the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is such a complex structure, TMJ disorder or TMD can display itself through a variety of symptoms and have multiple causes. In order to get an effective treatment plan that offers long-lasting or permanent relief from TMJ pain, it is critical to identify the true cause(s) of a patient’s TMD.

At the Laguna Hills Center for Sleep Apnea & CPAP Intolerance, we have the knowledge, training, and expertise to find and treat the underlying reason for your TMD. Our Center is led by Dr. Angham (Ann) Abdulla who is one of only a few Orange County dentists who has completed the TMJ and Orofacial Pain Mini-Residency at UCLA School of Dentistry. This Mini-Residency was developed by Dr. Robert Merrill who is an expert in facial pain and using natural, holistic approaches to treat TMJ disorder and other orofacial pain conditions. Dr. Abdulla has more than 25 years of experience and a stellar reputation throughout Irvine, Tustin, Orange, Newport Beach, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Ladera Ranch, and Mission Viejo for always providing exceptional care.

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Call the Laguna Hills Center for Sleep Apnea & CPAP Intolerance to schedule your initial consultation to discuss your TMD/TMJ issues. Our TMD treatments are affordably priced and covered by most PPO insurance plans.

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I went to Dr. Abdulla to have two fillings replaced. She was very gentle and kind. She talked me through every step and I felt no pain. My fillings are perfect! I have also gone in to get my teeth cleaned. The hygienist was excellent. Her front office manager is also great. She was very helpful in sorting out my insurance. Dr. Abdulla will be my dentist for a long time.

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