Advances in TMJ Treatment

Due to the ongoing opioid crisis, many physicians and dentists are leaning more and more towards treating patients without the use of pharmaceuticals, or at least with minimal drugs. Many patients who present with TMJ symptoms may have an acute muscle spasm, making it almost impossible to chew food and function normally.

Instead of prescribing the usual muscle relaxants and other meds, there are viable alternatives. One such alternative is acupuncture. A dentist qualified in both TMJ treatment and acupuncture would use this technique to calm down the muscle contraction and reduce trigger points in the muscle that are causing the pain. Many patients find great relief with this technique, without the usual side effects that go along with most drugs. This also reduces any chance of abuse of the prescribed medication. We offer acupuncture to treat TMJ and oral facial pain, which is just one of the many services provided at our office. Please call us at 949-768-1671 for more information.

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