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Dr Abdulla and the office staff are warm and friendly. I have been seeing her for both sleep apnea and as a dentist. I am sleeping better and I have found an excellent dentist.🙂

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Custom-Fitted CPAP Masks for Sleep Apnea Patients in Orange County

One of the Best Ways to Make Using a CPAP Machine More Comfortable

Whether you are CPAP intolerant Custom CPAP Mask or absolutely dread strapping on your sleep apnea mask each night, you are not alone. A common complaint among first-time patients of Dr. Abdulla’s dental sleep medicine practice is uncomfortable or ill-fitting CPAP masks. Mask problems are a major reason many patients don’t regularly use their CPAP or stop altogether. In most cases, patients are prescribed off-the-shelf CPAP masks that may come in a few different sizes, but seldom fit properly.

A CPAP mask that doesn’t fit properly not only feels uncomfortable, but can also leak air. If the mask isn’t providing a complete seal, you may not be getting the specific air pressure you need to address your sleep apnea.

Come to the Laguna Hills Center for Sleep Apnea to Have a CPAP Mask Custom Fitted for You

If you’ve struggled to adjust, reposition Custom CPAP Alternatives masks or tighten the head straps without success, then you would likely benefit from a CPAP mask specifically designed for you. At the Laguna Hills Center for Sleep Apnea & CPAP Intolerance, you can get a CPAP mask contoured specifically for your facial structure. When correctly fitted, a custom mask prevents air leakage and feels comfortable night after night. Our custom-made CPAP masks are made of materials that won’t irritate the skin (especially if you are allergic to latex) and crafted to fit snugly, yet won’t leave unsightly imprints or cause redness or facial pain.

Don’t Let a Poorly Fitting CPAP Mask Keep You From a Good Night’s Rest!

Dr. Abdulla is one of two dentists in California (and one of five nationally) who is qualified to prepare custom-designed CPAP masks for patients with diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. Our custom-fitted CPAP masks are FDA-approved and covered by Medicare DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and some PPOs. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Abdulla to learn how you can benefit from a CPAP mask that is specifically designed for you.